What is? I’m so glad you asked. Exercising. Yes, that’s right, going to the gym and sweat it off. Can’t you tell? All those people in the picture love being at the gym. We hear it all the time from Doctors, TV, radio, even the internet is abound with it. They show commercials of these fantastic looking people sweating bullets as they do spin class or working out in this fancy dancy gym.

The whole time you scream in your head “Yes! I wanna be like that!” forgetting that they are not showing a real life example. Like that burger from the commercial, it’s never really that pretty to look at unless it’s a fancy dancy restaurant which wouldn’t do a commercial that shows off meals in that way.

How it starts:

On Dec 21, 2016 I walked into a purple and yellow gym that says in bold type “No Judgement!” and signed up. One week later I was in the gym ready for the new me. Hoorah!

Did the initial picture for the before and came up out with this:me1

Yes,I’m well aware of how I look. I hate it… despise it in fact… and this is why I’m going to the gym because I stood on the scale and hit 258lbs. At 5’5″ this is not a good number. I took this picture on 26 Dec 2016.

I’m sure you’ve noticed that today is 11 Jan 2017. In those 16 days I’ve managed to stay within the calorie limit range between 1200 and 1400 a day for my eating habits with 1400 being on days during the week that I go and 1200 on the days I don’t.

hamster-wheel.jpegI’m also going to add here that I have managed to do a minimum of 4 days a week. For that first week I did three days on the treadmill and had to stop because my back was hurting so I tried the stationary bike which was a horrible idea due to a laundry list of knee issues. One day off and I found what works – the hamster wheel… wait, sorry, the technical term is the elliptical but it feels like I’m on one of those wheels that goes on and on and on.

Where I stand:

I realize that it sounds like I’m hating it and, well, I do, but I’m still going. It’s almost, dare I say, a habit? They say that it takes 2 weeks at minimum for a habit to form. Personally I’ve noticed it takes me a month, but right now it’s not going that drives me crazy.

Let me give you an example: Yesterday I had one of my migraines due to two significant triggers that I cannot prevent or compensate for. I’m simply at the mercy of them. I’m highly light sensitive during these attacks. Probably the best way to describe the severity is that I feel like someone is stabbing the visual cortex with hundreds of shards of glass. In short, it hurts.

I tried going to the gym because it had been suggested to me that exercise can be a natural pain reliever (the endorphins our body produces). BUT that’s only if you can get across the damn threshold!

Anyway, in the past, whenever I go through pain whether it’s one of my other health issues or a migraine, I start coming up with excuses in my head to not go. Sure enough today, I almost did it but I stopped myself. I went in, did my time and left feeling better.

Obsession Time:

I don’t want to jump the gun, get all celebratory before it is too soon. But in these 16 days I’m now down to 249lbs. That’s almost 9lbs in three weeks which proves that, yes, it is good for me.

Question MarkThe question is, however, why is it working this time? This certainly isn’t the first time I’ve tried this whole exercise bit and I had a great personal trainer who helped me out a lot, but it was hard for me to be willing to do the cardio element. I’ve been rolling it around in my head (which is the best use of my obsessive tendencies that I’ve ever had because that means I’m always thinking about going to the gym then I actually do it) for a week now.

Why this time?

As of right now I believe the reason is due to wanting this for myself. I’m not doing it for the kids, or for another person who demands it of me. Also, it’s because my goal isn’t weight loss, it’s being healthy. Weight loss is just the side effect.

Not a bad one if I do say so myself.

What are your thoughts about exercising? Do you enjoy it or hate it? Can you see yourself doing it even if you hated it? So many questions, can’t wait to hear from anyone who stops by.