A Journey Forward

Moving one step at a time to a better future

Solstice brings new awareness

With the Summer Solstice of 2018, I was unprepared for the realizations that came with it.


2018 – A year of Change

A fresh slate leads to new possibilities

Accepting Inner Truth

A little understanding helps us embrace a greater truth

Down the Rabbit Hole

A week spent mostly in pain - I feel worse for wear

Living with it

Having a chronic condition is tough on yourself, your family, and your career.

Mirror, Mirror

By looking inward, I'm finding my path forward a little at a time.

Safe Travels

I bid you a safe journey on your way to your next life, my friend. Know you will be missed and that you were loved.

Practice makes…

Perfection is a vacant expression as nothing is perfect (or that boring, let's be honest), however I have found it better to make something permanent instead.

New Directions

After 3 months, I've come to realize that I need to re-think my approach.

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